Article written by: Dr. Steven Mohamed

The SACE-SIMEST Group’s maneuver boundaries have been extended

With the conversion of the Growth Decree into law, the powers of intervention of the SACE-SIMEST Group have now been extended to now also include the markets of the European Union.

In fact, until the growth decree was approved, the Group could intervene on the side of the companies only if they decided to internationalize their activity outside the European borders, being at a disadvantage compared to other players in the EU market. With the conversion of the Decree this gap has been recovered and now our companies, even to invest in Europe, can find in SACE-SIMEST an excellent ally ready to support them in the internationalization process.

The Lazio Region also focuses on internationalization

With Determination – No. G10195 of 26/07/2019 the Lazio Region in the framework of the POR FESR LAZIO 2014-2020 program It has launched “Incentives for the purchase of support services for internationalization in favor of SMEs – Internationalization Voucher”.

These incentives, in the form of a grant of up to 45% and a maximum of 70% of the total amount of the Project admitted; project for an amount not less than 5,000 euros and in any case not exceeding 35,000 euros;

The eligible costs are divided into:

Project Costs (A: participation in trade fairs and / or international exhibitions and / or relevant commercial events – B: acquisition of services for internationalization);
Fixed-rate personnel costs (15% of project costs).
The recipients of the contribution are SMEs and freelance professionals who have their headquarters in Lazio.

It is very important that the applicants have the administrative, financial and operational capacity necessary to complete the Project, or have the Turnover equal to at least 10 times the value of the Project not covered by the contribution or alternatively, the Equity must be at least equal to double the value of the Project not covered by the contribution.

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